Angel-faced Thai merchant gains heavenly social media following

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A young Thai woman with an angelic face, known for her merchant lifestyle at the Sri Mueang market in Ratchaburi province, has recently sparked a huge following on social media. The woman has amassed over 200,000 followers.

Janejira Wangkukiat, affectionately known as Nong Bam, won over the online crowd with her simplicity, charm and unconventional job of selling galangal, a type of root similar to ginger. The young Thai vendor says she has no intention of switching her profession, despite many questioning her choice of trade.

Nong Bam runs her small business in Sri Mueang market, where she sells galangal and ginger. Having been actively engaged in the trader lifestyle for approximately five years, the 22 year old Thai woman hails from Huai Khwang sub-district of Kamphaeng Saen district, Nakhon Pathom province. Despite the struggle during the initial years, her persistence was well-rewarded with steady patronage due to her effervescent personality and excellent communication skills.

One market-goer said…

“Nong Bam is beautiful, slender, and has sweet twinkling eyes. Most men would lose their heart to her.”

Nong Bam’s customers are constantly impressed by her jovial and pleasing demeanour. She said…

“My work involves buying produce from farmers, categorising the galangal and ginger into different types, packing, and then travelling more than 150 kilometres daily from my place in Nakhon Pathom to Sri Mueang market where I have my regular and passing-by customers.”

Her exponential rise on Thai social media has attracted the attention of many brands, inviting her to review their products, thereby expanding her reach even further. However, despite her newfound fame and the tiring and hot market conditions, she remains determined to continue her work at the market, reported KhaoSod. She said…

“I have familiarised myself with this trade since my childhood and I love and cherish this profession to the core. When I finished my education, I decided to become a vendor at the Sri Mueang market. In the beginning, there were hardly any customers, but my engaging conversation skills and good nature eventually paid off, attracting more and more customers.”

When asked about the offers she received to pursue more comfortable professions, she said…

“Even if someone entices me with a more comfortable job in the future, I am determined not to change my mind. I will continue to sell Galangal until I lose the strength to do so or until no one buys it. However, I am grateful to my friends on social media for their support, admiration, and the encouragement that they have given me all along.”

For those interested in supporting Nong Bam, her products are sold at Building 15 at the main vegetable and fruit market in Ratchaburi, also known as Sri Mueang Market.

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