Uproar as customer makes ‘frozen egg ice cream’ in Thai halal restaurant (video)

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A viral video of a person making ‘frozen egg ice cream’ at a hotpot/BBQ restaurant, with no objections from the staff, is creating a stir on social media. Following widespread criticism, the venue claims it had no knowledge of the incident and is a Halal Shabu restaurant, not a pork BBQ place.

The viral video shows a customer creating “frozen egg ice cream” from the ice cream machine at what appears to be a mookaka, also known as Mu Kratha, (Thai BBQ) restaurant. Audaciously, a whole chicken egg is added to taro ice cream. After shaking and scattering the egg throughout the ice cream, the customer confidently declares that the egg will slowly freeze into frozen egg ice cream.

When asked by the person filming if the restaurant wouldn’t scold them for this action, the individual responds with confidence that they “do not scold.” Following this, they scoop the mix into a cup, leaving behind a substantial amount of raw egg in the ice cream machine, reported Sanook.

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Following the wide circulation of this video, strong criticism was given towards such inappropriate behaviour, the patrons having no consideration for subsequent customers and their eating preferences.

Furthermore, the method of making the so-called ice cream is incorrect as frozen egg ice cream should only use egg yolks, not an entire egg. More importantly, consuming raw eggs poses a risk of Salmonella bacterial infection, the leading cause of food poisoning. Chicken eggs eaten raw should come from farms with closely monitored hygiene standards.

Some comments suggested the restaurant was reluctant to act as it was unaware rather than approving of the act. Without insight, a penalty could be imposed. The person committing the act suggested initial fear of potential admonishment but they still remembered how to do it themselves.

Recently, the restaurant posted a clarification stating it was not a mookata restaurant as claimed by the owner of the video but a Halal shabu-shabu restaurant. The management was worried that other customers might misinterpret and stated that they were not aware of or involved in the incident. On the day in question, the restaurant was busy with patrons and staff may not have noticed the event.

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