Thai man dies in car accident despite villagers’ efforts to save him

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A Thai man succumbed to his injuries after his vehicle veered off the road. Kind-hearted villagers came to his aid, attempting to resuscitate him from the accident, but to no avail. The deceased man has been identified as 57 year old Rian, whose wife arrived at the scene lamenting the tragic loss.

Upon receiving the accident report, the deputy investigation director of Udonthani Police Station, along with paramedics and the Sawang Methatham Rescue Unit, rushed to the site. They found a black Toyota Vigo pickup truck, and witnesses informed authorities that good Samaritans had attempted CPR to save the driver’s life, but he could not be revived.

The victim’s wife, 54 year old Paengsri, came to the scene and tearfully asked her husband not to die so suddenly. She revealed that her husband suffered from hypertension and high cholesterol. He had been working at a rubber plantation in Ban Phue district before heading home when the incident occurred.

In-car camera footage provided crucial insights, showing that Rian was driving well before suddenly swerving right and crashing into roadside foliage. Local villagers who were passing by put forth valiant efforts to help, breaking the vehicle’s windows and pulling the driver out.

A 57 year old good Samaritan, Aekaphong, said that while driving from Na Kha, he noticed the crashed car and suspected someone was trapped inside. He stopped to investigate and enlisted the help of a motorbike rider who was passing. The duo tried their best to save Rian but were unsuccessful. Aekphong expressed his sorrow, believing that if someone had stopped by sooner, Rian might have survived.

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