Thai man arrested for opening mule accounts in call centre scam

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Police apprehended a man for allegedly opening mule accounts for a call centre gang that tricked victims into downloading a fraudulent app, which promised land tax refunds, resulting in losses exceeding 2 million baht.

Yesterday, July 3, the suspect, 29 year old Natthaphon was apprehended following an arrest warrant issued by the Nonthaburi Provincial Court dated November 28, 2023. The Commander of Metropolitan Police Division 5, Police Major General Witthawat Chinnakham directed a team to carry out his arrest.

Natthaphon faces charges of public fraud and inputting false or distorted information into a computer system, potentially causing public harm. The charges also include allowing others to use his bank account, electronic card, or electronic account without the intention of using them himself, knowing or should have known they would be used for criminal activities or technological crimes.

Police received a tip-off from an anonymous informant who reported seeing the suspect in the area. Upon verification, officers found that the suspect matched the description in the arrest warrant.

They identified themselves as police officers and showed him the warrant. Natthaphon admitted he was indeed the person named in the warrant and confirmed he had not been previously apprehended under this specific warrant.

Investigations revealed that Natthaphon was a key player in the scam run by the call centre gang. The gang lured victims into downloading a fake Department of Lands app by promising land tax refunds. Victims who followed the instructions on the app ended up losing over 2 million baht.

Natthaphon confessed during questioning that he had been hired to open mule accounts for a fee of 1,000 baht per account. He denied any direct involvement in deceiving individuals. Following his confession, police transferred him to Bang Kruai Police Station for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

In related news, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) apprehended an accountant of a steel company involved in a major tax fraud case, who claimed tax credits with fake tax invoices, causing the state a loss of over 450 million baht. The suspect failed to meet the prosecutor’s scheduled appointment yesterday.

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