Elderly woman in Samut Prakan assaulted by daughter-in-law

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An elderly woman was allegedly assaulted by her daughter-in-law, resulting in severe facial injuries that required 10 stitches.

The incident was reported yesterday, July 3, and the police, along with the social service and health officials, intervened to assist at the 73 year old woman’s residence in Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakan.

Upon arrival, police discovered the elderly woman, Udom, with a split head and multiple bruises on her face and body. Initial speculation suggested that her injuries were inconsistent with a simple fall, as her son claimed. Udom was immediately taken to Bang Sao Thong Hospital for medical attention.

Udom recounted that the ordeal began when she noticed her dentures missing, which led to a confrontation with her daughter-in-law. She accused her daughter-in-law of throwing them away, which escalated into a physical altercation. Udom mentioned previous incidents where she had suffered injuries that required stitches, indicating a history of abuse.

“I was just looking for my dentures, and she hit me. I asked her where my dentures were, and she told me to stay out of her way, calling me names and telling me to live alone.”

Her son, Ek, recounted how his partner had initially claimed that his mother had slipped and fallen, causing the injuries. However, upon seeing the severity of the wounds, he doubted this explanation.

“She told me my mother had slipped, but the injuries didn’t match up with a simple fall. There were bruises around her eyes and cheeks, which seemed more like the result of a beating.”

Ek’s partner, 42 year old Kittiyaphan reported that she regularly checked on Udom and found her with a bleeding head two days prior. She claimed to have taken Udom to the hospital, where she received six stitches.

“I asked her what happened, and she said her daughter-in-law hit her. I called her son to inform him about it, and we took her to the hospital.”

History of abuse

Udom’s son admitted that he was often away for work, leaving his mother under the care of his partner. He expressed concern over the recurring injuries and sought help from the police.

“I drive for a living and I’m often not around. I want the police to help because I can’t be there to look after her all the time. If the abuse continues, I won’t let my partner take care of her anymore.”

Neighbours and other witnesses corroborated the claims of abuse. Sriwan stated that the daughter-in-law often caused disturbances, leading to conflicts in the household.

“The daughter-in-law always causes a scene. It’s not safe for the elderly woman. We need someone to look after her properly.”

Officials from the Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office of Samut Prakan are now involved, planning long-term support and protection for Udom. They are considering placing her in a protected home to ensure her safety and well-being, reported KhaoSod.

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