Thai delivery rider assaulted roadside, manhunt for patterned shirt suspect underway

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In a harrowing assault incident, a female delivery rider was assaulted and left dazed and confused on a Thai roadside. The woman, identified as 36 year old Pennapha, was found offering no recollection of the incident and suffered visible injuries. Rescue services were promptly alerted, assisting the victim before advising her to report the matter to Chaiyaphruek Police in Nonthaburi Province.

Pennapha, a delivery rider, was found at the scene of the assault incident crime next to her parked motorcycle, visibly disoriented with injuries behind her right ear, significant swelling around her right cheek and chest pain.

Good Samaritans on the scene immediately notified the police from Chaiyaphruek station, leading officers to the crime spot on highway number 345, situated on Soi Wat Saphan Sung, Klong Khoi, in the Pak Kret district, Nonthaburi province.

Struggling with the recollection of assault incident events, Pennapha informed the officers she had just delivered a food order to a customer in a nearby village within the crime scene’s vicinity. Whilst on a call with her sister using a small talk app, she recalls hearing a sudden honk from a motorcycle behind her. After an unfair reprimand from the rider for using her motor horn, Pennapha had to pull up her vehicle to take off her raincoat.

The rider who had sped, later returned and confronted Pennapha, accusing her of giving him an offensive gesture, something she vehemently denies. Instead, she insists she simply questioned his need to honk at her. Following the heated argument, Pennapha remembers nothing. She was quickly woken and questioned about the assault incident by bystanders, reported Sanook.

A nearby car repair shop’s CCTV footage reveals a man wearing a patterned shirt riding a red Wave model Honda motorcycle, honking at the woman, looking back at her before overtaking her. Authorities are now awaiting Pennapha’s official report further to utilise the same footage as investigating evidence in this assault incident case. This will aid them in tracking the suspect down, ensuring he is held accountable for his actions under the law.

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