Thai Cyber Police bust major online gambling ring in Chanthaburi

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The Thai Cyber Police dismantled a prominent online gambling ring operating under the name texas147, with an estimated turnover of 300 million baht. The raid involved searches at two locations in the Khlong district of Chanthaburi province, resulting in the seizure of computers and luxury vehicles.

The operation, led by high-ranking officers from the Cyber Police and Immigration Bureau, along with local police, was conducted following a directive from Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin to intensify efforts against online crimes. The searches were authorized by a judicial warrant dated April 18.

At the first location, a modern-styled two-story house without a number inside a coconut plantation, authorities found 29 year old Channon who claimed to be the owner. The house appeared to be used solely for residential purposes.

The second location, a mere 100 metres away, was an adapted garage turned into an office space. Officers apprehended 25 year old Netithorn and 31 year old Suphachai as they were managing customer inquiries and overseeing the system on their computers. The police confiscated three computers, a black Mercedes-Benz C200 with the license plate 1ขฐ 9922 from Bangkok, and a black Alphard van with the license plate 2ขฬ 6076 also from Bangkok.

The police investigation revealed that the texas147 website had been facilitating illegal online gambling, boasting that it was a large and direct website, 100% stable, with certifications from world-class casinos and daily million baht withdrawals.

The suspects confessed to having operated the online gambling service for over two years, with Channon being identified as the owner.

Evidence collected during the raid included conversations that indicated the involvement of a network of beneficiaries, including the website owners, programmers, employees, and financial managers. The investigation will continue to trace and dismantle the remaining elements of the criminal operation.

This decisive action is part of a broader crackdown by the Thai Cyber Police as they work to fulfil the Prime Minister’s policy within a stipulated 30-day deadline. The Cyber Police have reported significant progress in their operations, capturing small-scale and large-scale online criminal activities, reported KhaoSod.

The suspects have been charged with jointly organising online gambling and using electronic media to invite others to gamble without permission. They are now in the custody of the Cyber Police for further legal proceedings.

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