Thai YouTuber warned of jail time over Hong Kong ghost selfie

Photo via YouTube/ ANNDAY เที่ยวไปวันวัน

A Thai lawyer warned a YouTuber about possible jail time after she shared her spooky experience while travelling in Hong Kong. The YouTuber claimed that a ghostly figure had appeared in the mirror selfie she captured.

The 39 year old half Thai, half Swiss YouTuber, Alita “Anntie” Blattler, caused a stir on Thai social media with her selfie photo shared on Twitter. The photo was taken about two months ago during her trip to Hong Kong.

The photo showed Anntie taking a mirror selfie in front of a bar called The Parallel on Hollywood Street, with a woman in a red sweater, long jeans, and trainers standing next to her.

Although Anntie was not alone in Hong Kong, she insisted that the woman in the red sweater was not her friend. She emphasised that the woman appeared suddenly, and she did not see anyone around when taking the selfie.

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Anntie later shared a video on her YouTube channel, ANNDAY เที่ยวไปวันวัน, providing more details about the story. She mentioned researching whether the woman was part of a photobomb crew in Hong Kong and recounted the timeline of her photoshoot.

Anntie insisted that she considered various possibilities, such as being pranked, but finally concluded that the woman must be a ghost. She claimed to have had good fortune after making a merit for the ghost and making a wish.

Bar owner investigates

Anntie’s haunted story put the hashtag #ผีฮ่องกง (Hong Kong ghost) on the top of Thai Twitter. Some agreed with Anntie and said the face of the woman in the picture looked creepy.

However, many Thai netizens doubted the woman in the picture was a ghost and believed it was a photobomb. Some accused Anntie of fabricating the story for engagement on her YouTube channel. Some strongly objected to Anntie and complained about her spreading nonsense to the public.

Thai people living in Hong Kong attempted to find the truth by visiting The Parallel and talking to the staff members, prompting the bar owner to come forward to investigate the ghost.

The bar owner checked the security camera at the front but was unable to obtain the footage because the incident occurred two months ago.

The Parallel Bar announced plans to request footage from nearby stores to confirm whether the woman was human or a ghost. They encouraged people to stay updated on the investigation on its Instagram account.

The bar owner seemed to be following the trend, using it as an opportunity to promote the bar and increase the number of followers on the bar’s Instagram account.

Thai lawyer Ratchaphon Sirisakhon shared legal knowledge with the public, warning that Anntie’s ghost story could result in up to one month in jail, a fine of up to 10,000 baht, or both. He cited Section 384 of the Criminal Law: spreading fake information causing panic

While some appreciated the legal insight, others disagreed, arguing that Anntie’s story did not have serious effects on the community.

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