Thai villager wins 100,000 baht in lottery from ancient tree numbers

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In an enchanting twist of fate, an anonymous resident was thrust into a realm of financial prosperity after uncovering the winning lottery numbers, bestowed upon them by an ancient and revered tree nestled within the tranquil confines of Ban Beng Temple in Sri Narong, Chumphon Buri, Surin. This auspicious turn of events led to the resident’s remarkable windfall—a substantial prize of 100,000 baht.

The setting for this extraordinary tale is Ban Beng Temple, a hallowed ground that has cradled a centuries-old tree believed to be the dwelling place of a sacred spirit.

The tree’s mystique has drawn pilgrims and seekers of good fortune from far and wide, and its mystical reputation has been perpetuated by numerous lottery wins attributed to its blessings.

The temple grounds bore witness to a gathering today, as devotees and seekers convened in reverence to partake in the age-old tradition of seeking divine inspiration from the venerable tree. Among the congregation, one individual, known as Dent, preferring to remain anonymous, embarked on a life-changing journey of destiny.

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The magical moment unfolded on Sunday, October 1, when the anonymous villager decided to employ a time-honoured method to divine lottery numbers.

With utmost faith, they received the numbers 69-66 as their cosmic guidance from the ancient tree. Brimming with optimism, they swiftly purchased multiple lottery tickets, each bearing these sacred numbers.

Movie screening

In an act of profound gratitude and a promise made to the tree, the individual pledged to organize a special movie screening at the temple should they emerge victorious.

The anticipation reached its crescendo when the winning numbers were unveiled, and fate unfurled its tapestry of fortune. The winning draw, 727202, bore a striking resemblance to the divined numbers, with the crucial final two digits aligning perfectly with the sacred guidance of 66.

This serendipitous alignment resulted in a windfall of multiple wins, culminating in a six-figure payday.

In a display of unwavering commitment and gratitude, Dent promptly fulfilled their pledge by creating a makeshift movie theatre adjacent to the ancient tree. The juxtaposition of cinematic allure amidst the temple’s spiritual aura lent an eerie and enchanting ambience to the sacred grounds, reported Sanook.

The tale of Dent’s remarkable fortune swiftly became a beacon of hope for the local community, rekindling their faith in the time-honoured ritual of divining numbers from the tree.

As if guided by the spirit residing within, the prophetic numbers for the upcoming lottery draw on October 16 were revealed: 385. This divination serves as a beacon of hope for the villagers, as they collectively embark on the journey to purchase government lottery tickets, once again placing their faith in the benevolent spirit of the ancient tree.

Their fervent wish is that the sacred guardian will continue to shower them with blessings and prosperity in the forthcoming lottery draws, perpetuating a tradition that bridges the mystical and the material realms.

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