Couple’s king cobra encounter turns into a lotto-tunity

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A couple in Suphan Buri were shocked to find a large king cobra under their house, prompting a frantic call to rescue services. They believe the snake might bring them luck and plan to use their house number for lottery tickets.

Rescue officers from the Samor Kan Suphan Buri Foundation received a call at 5.30am today, June 24, from a woman named Phloen Chubsang. Phloen reported that a large king cobra had raised its head under her house, preventing her from entering. The incident occurred at her residence, house number 613, in Dan Chang District, Suphan Buri Province.

Upon arrival, the rescue team found a large king cobra coiled under the single-story house, elevated off the ground. Using specialised equipment, the officers managed to capture the snake within 10 minutes. The king cobra measured 3.2 metres in length and weighed 4.5 kilogrammes. The snake was promptly released back into its natural habitat.

“We were coming back from shopping when we saw the snake. My husband and I were terrified and immediately ran out of the house.”

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Phloen, who lives with her husband, explained that the sight of the snake’s head was enough to send them running. They had gone out to buy groceries and were just about to enter their home when they spotted the snake, reported KhaoSod.

“I have never seen a king cobra this large before. I think it might bring us good fortune. We plan to use our house number in the lottery.”

In related news, a spitting cobra slithered into a new motorcycle, prompting a three-hour rescue mission. The 46 year old owner, who recently acquired the vehicle, believes the snake might bring good luck, as she just received the new licence plate.

In other news, Snake Rescue Rayong officials safely removed a cobra that slithered into the boxer shorts of a Thai man while he slept.

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