Vietnamese lottery winner continues selling spring rolls

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A Vietnamese vendor who won a 132 million baht lottery eight years ago continues to sell spring rolls, explaining her reasons for using the prize money and recounting the challenges she faced after her win.

Nguyen Thi Anh Dao, known as Dao, from Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam, became the first Vietnamese person to win the lottery jackpot in October 2016. Her life took an unexpected turn after winning 92 billion Vietnamese dollars (approximately 132 million baht).

Dao’s newfound wealth brought immediate media attention. Within the first month, journalists swarmed her neighbourhood, eager to capture photos and secure interviews. The overwhelming attention forced Dao to stay hidden at home, too afraid even to turn on her mobile phone. Additionally, numerous beggars gathered around her house, seeking money and food. Dao was left baffled, unsure of where these people had come from.

“I received countless letters from everywhere, complaining about suffering and debt. They expected me to help pay off their debts.

“For an entire month, I couldn’t eat or sleep. I was confused and scared. At one point, we went to help relatives, but were too afraid to return home.”

After paying the necessary taxes and fees, Dao’s family embarked on charitable projects to assist those in need. By the second month, peace gradually returned to Dao’s household. She settled all her debts and donated nearly 2 billion Vietnamese dollars to charity. She also divided the remaining money among her parents, siblings, and relatives.

Dao shared that her father used part of the money to build a new house and bought land to construct rental homes, generating an income of over 30 million Vietnamese dollars per month. Despite their increased income, her parents maintained their frugal habits. When Dao suggested they travel, they often laughed and responded, “I’m old, a walk in the city to stay healthy is enough.”

Dao herself bought a new house and some suburban land as savings. She also purchased another house for rent and deposited the remaining money in the bank. Despite becoming a millionaire, Dao continues her daily routine, selling spring rolls with her sister, reported KhaoSod.

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