Brief encounter: Cobra sneaks into man’s boxers in Rayong (video)

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Snake Rescue Rayong officials safely removed a cobra that slithered into the boxer shorts of a Thai man while he slept.

A rescuer and an exotic pet lover shared a video and some words of the rescue operation on his Facebook account, Ner KhwaiTai, on June 8.

“A little cobra with big venom. It seeks warmth in human’s boxer shorts. Don’t catch the wrong snake!”

The video showed two rescuers visiting the victim’s house in the eastern province of Rayong. Upon arrival, a crowd gathered outside the house. Some were looking forward to seeing the exciting rescue operation while others were worried about the victim’s safety.

The rescuers entered the bedroom where the victim was lying still, as if he did not dare to breathe. His friend informed the rescuers that the snake was in the shorts near his left leg.

One of the rescuers simply used a hook to drag the tail of the cobra out of the pants while another rescuer recorded the video and urged the victim to stay still and calm.

After the rescuer managed to drag the whole body of the snake out of the man’s boxer shorts, he asked him to slowly get up and move away from the snake while he put the animal into a black bag.

The video got over 35,000 reactions, 1,100 comments, and 2,400 shares. Netizens flooded the comments with funny reactions to the incident while others saw the issue as serious.

“Hey, what about another snake in the shorts?”

“Don’t catch the wrong one…”

“It seems to be funny but not for him. I respect that he could lie still in that situation.”

“I could not breathe when watching the video.”

“If I were him, I might pass out.”

“The snake just came to say hi to his friend.”

A similar story was reported in the northern province of Phetchabun last week. In this case, a motorcycle rider was shocked after he stopped at a petrol station to refuel and found a small snake curled up by the fuel cap.

In another similar report last week, locals in Chiang Mai urged relevant authorities to find a sustainable solution to remove a large snake that was present by the roadside near the Maw Hia Market Intersection. It was caught and later released to return to the community.

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