Police raid drug party in Bangkok, arrest 29 and seize narcotics

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Police raided a drug party, arresting 29 individuals and seizing a substantial amount of narcotics. The raid also revealed 22 individuals testing positive for drugs, further investigations ultimately led to the arrest of the drug supplier.

Police conducted the raid at a building in Wang Thonglang District, Bangkok yesterday morning, uncovering a variety of drugs, including 1.1 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine, eight tablets of methamphetamine, 10 grammes of ketamine, 130 ecstasy pills, and 1.5 grammes of heroin.

The raid began around 6.30am, June 24, following a court warrant issued the previous day. Police found an ongoing party where attendees were using narcotic drugs and engaging in illicit activities. Numerous drug paraphernalia and used condoms were discovered at the scene. Subsequent urine tests revealed that 22 of the attendees had methamphetamine in their systems.

Following the initial raid, four individuals were arrested for drug possession. One of the arrested, Warawut, cooperated with the police, leading them to the party drug supplier, Boy, who was apprehended at a condominium in the Khlong San District of Bangkok.

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Boy admitted that the seized drugs belonged to him and provided further information about his supplier, Ruj, whom he communicated with via the LINE application.

Police devised a plan where Boy would place another order from Ruj to facilitate his capture. The operation was set in motion, and at approximately 3.10pm, a white Toyota arrived at the condominium. The delivery person, Sutthin, was seen exiting the vehicle with the drugs hidden inside a brown paper bag.

Upon questioning, Sutthin confessed that Ruj had instructed him to deliver the drugs, before revealing information about Ruj’s residence in Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province.

Around 5.40pm, officers, accompanied by Sutthin, arrived at Ruj’s residence and promptly conducted a search, which yielded no illegal items. However, Ruj confessed to selling crystal meth to Boy. Ruj was subsequently apprehended alongside Sutthin.

The operation highlights the ongoing efforts of police to crack down on drug-related activities and the importance of cooperation between suspects and law enforcement in uncovering larger drug networks, reported KhaoSod.

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