Summer storm unroofs homes in Chaiyaphum

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A devastating summer storm recently struck the Chaiyaphum province, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The community of Ban Na Sao was hit by a severe storm yesterday, resulting in significant damage to over 10 houses.

The powerful storm, characterised by strong winds, caused widespread blackouts throughout the village, tearing roofs off houses and granaries with alarming ease.

The situation was exacerbated by the day’s extreme temperatures, which soared to 43 degrees Celsius. The Thai Meteorological Department(TMD) issued warnings of summer storms affecting 45 provinces, but the people of Ban Na Sao felt the full force of nature’s fury.

Among the most severely affected was the home of Krongngoen, a 62 year old resident of Ban Na Sao village, where the zinc roofing was completely ripped off, leaving a pile of debris beside the house.

Two homes were particularly hard hit, with the residents forced to seek shelter with relatives as their homes were left uninhabitable. Bedding and mosquito nets had to be collected and left to dry in the sun, while the houses suffered complete roof damage.

In the aftermath of the storm, homeowners were seen collecting pieces of zinc to repair their damaged homes. Krongngoen recounted how she was away selling goods in front of a factory outside the village when the storm hit. She received a phone call from her sister informing her that her house had been damaged.

Rushing back, she was confronted with the devastating sight of her home without a roof, forcing her to spend the night at a nearby relative’s house that had escaped damage.

Another villager, 56 year old Veerachan, described her fear as she was preparing dinner and heard thunder, followed shortly by a whirlwind that in an instant lifted and carried away Krongngoen’s roof. In a panic, she quickly took refuge in her house, reported KhaoSod.

The local administrative organisation of Na Sao quickly responded, pledging to provide urgent assistance and repair the damaged homes.

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