Phuket authorities bust illegal kratom operation targeting teens

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Authorities in Phuket apprehended a 21 year old man for his involvement in the illegal production and trade of kratom juice targeting local teenagers in the Srisoonthorn area.

The operation took place in a Village 5 property where the illegal substance was being prepared on Wednesday afternoon. Officials discovered a significant volume of kratom juice being prepared for distribution.

Approximately 193 litres were found stored in refrigerated containers, and an additional 20 litres in the preparation process.

In the vicinity, authorities also found 2,467 empty clear plastic bottles, reportedly destined to be filled with the unlawfully produced liquid.

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The site was also equipped with an extensive range of apparatus used for the production of the juice. Sixteen bottles of cough syrup were also found, a common additive to the kratom mix.

Moreover, investigators discovered other stolen goods on the premises and two counterfeit 100 baht banknotes.

The operation was orchestrated by Phuket Provincial Defense Officer Akara Suwatthikul, following instructions from Phuket Governor Sophon Suwannarat.

The governor was responding to concerns raised by locals about the illicit activity.

He subsequently delegated officials from the Office of Security Affairs (O.S.A) under the Roi Phuket Provincial Police Station Headquarters to strategise and execute the raid.

The accused 21 year old, whose identity remains undisclosed, has been detained at Thalang Police Station. He is due to face two separate charges pertaining to his illicit activities, as reported by The Phuket News.

In a similar story, a significant drug bust where Thai authorities intercepted a vehicle in Pathum Thani province, seizing over 5.3 million methamphetamine pills intended for distribution in the area. The driver, 31 year old Veerayuth, fled into the night, leaving behind not only the drugs but also a firearm discovered in his car.

A search of the car yielded a staggering 2.5 million methamphetamine pills, packed in four black plastic bags, and a handgun.

Both cases display Thailand’s ongoing battle against drug trafficking, which often sees large quantities of narcotics moving through the region.

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