Rare Tiffany Blue snake slithers into Thai woman’s backyard, sparking a ‘hiss-teria’ on lotto day

Photo: by Jeffry Surianto, on Pexels.

A rare blue snake, also known as a “Tiffany Blue” snake, was discovered by a 62 year old Thai woman in her backyard in Photharam, causing “hiss-teria” among her local community. The sighting, which has a one-in-a-million chance of occurring, coincidentally happened on a lottery day, leading locals to believe it to be a sign of good luck.

The Thai woman who discovered the snake, Gosorn, explained that she initially spotted the snake on Sunday, October 1, nestled against her garden wall.

Despite its unusual blue colour, she and her sister didn’t think much of it. However, when morning came and she found the snake still there, she noticed the numbers ‘0’ and ‘2’ and decided to place a bet on the lottery, which she won. She believes that the snake, which she has never encountered in her 62 years of life, is a harbinger of good fortune.

The snake was later caught by her 27 year old grandson, Adisak, who decided to keep it as a pet at his home in Thammasen, Photharam.

Adisak, also known as Frank, houses the snake in a plastic bottle with air holes and a small branch for the snake to coil around. He feeds it insects and notes that the snake measures approximately 1.5 centimetres in width and 31 centimetres in length. When lit by a flashlight, the snake exhibits an even more stunning appearance.

Initially, Adisak didn’t realise the rarity of his find. He assumed it was just a common snake and didn’t take much interest in it until his girlfriend posted a picture of it in a snake group.

Pigmentation malfunction

After several people advised him to keep it, he left it alone for three days. When the snake hadn’t moved from its spot, Adisak decided to capture it. Using a stick and a bottle, he was able to safely catch the snake.

According to experts, the snake is usually a green tree snake, but due to a malfunction in its pigmentation, it has turned blue with a white belly. It is a rare find and is venomous.

Since capturing the snake, Adisak has been approached by people wishing to buy it, but he has decided to keep it for now. The snake has since been named Tiffany Blue and the Blue Angel.

The discovery of such a rare snake has left the community in awe and provided them with an interesting topic of conversation. The snake’s beauty and rarity, combined with its purported luck-bringing abilities, have made it a local celebrity.

As for Adisak, he plans to buy a glass cage for his new pet and continue to care for it as best he can, reported Sanook

In case of encountering a Tiffany Blue snake, it is recommended to remain calm and avoid any direct contact due to its venomous nature.

Contact a snake expert or local wildlife authorities for safe removal. The snake’s rarity and striking colour make it a fascinating find, but it’s important to remember that it is a wild animal and should be treated as such.

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