Rare Tiffany Blue snake slithers into Suphanburi province, leaves locals ‘blue-tified’

A Tiffany Blue snake found in Suphanburi has received local and online attention. (via Facebook)

The discovery of a Tiffany Blue snake in Suphanburi province has stirred up excitement and bafflement amongst residents and online viewers alike. As pictures of the unusual blue creature started to circulate online, questions arose about what kind of snake it was, whether it was venomous, and what one should do if one encountered it.

The stunning sight of the beautiful and elusive snake raised questions about its identity before experts stepped in to solve the mystery.

The Tiffany Blue snake, also known as the Blue Snake, is a variant of the Green Tree Python. However, its genetic makeup differs from the average Green Tree Python, resulting in its unique blue colouration instead of the usual green.

Typically, these snakes measure between 1 to 2 metres in length and are native to humid rainforests. The Tiffany Blue snake is capable of bioluminescence, illuminating at night, and feeds on insects and small reptiles.

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An incredibly rare find, the Tiffany Blue snake is considered a one-in-a-million encounter. Despite this, the alluring creature has become popular amongst snake enthusiasts for keeping it as a pet. However, due to its rarity, the price of acquiring one is relatively high.

Regarding its venom, the Tiffany Blue snake does indeed possess a potent serum. If bitten, it could affect the blood system, causing swelling and redness at the bite site. However, the venom doesn’t cause severe symptoms that could lead to death.

Nonetheless, if you encounter a Tiffany Blue snake, you should not try to chase it away. Instead, observe the snake’s movements from a safe distance and call a professional or authority for assistance to ensure your safety.

Upon encountering the rare snake, follow these steps:

  1. Cease all movement. Do not attempt to catch, chase or harm the snake.
  2. Observe the snake’s movements from a safe distance.
  3. Do not approach the snake. Maintain a safe distance.
  4. Call an authority or snake expert.

It is believed that seeing a Tiffany Blue snake is a sign of good luck due to its rarity. A similar finding of a unique blue snake in northeast Thailand raised a stir last year.

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