Chinese bride’s sombre pout sets social media abuzz with forced marriage debate

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

A newlywed couple from Ju’matien, Henan, China, is under online scrutiny after photos of the bride’s sombre expression during post-nuptial rituals went viral on social media. The images, capturing the groom’s jovial demeanour contrasted with the bride’s seemingly forced participation, were shot at the groom’s residence following their wedding ceremony.

The bride’s lack of enthusiasm during the post-wedding photoshoot sparked a wave of online speculation about her willingness to get married or if it is indeed a forced marriage.

As reported, the photographer had asked the groom to kiss the bride for a sweet moment. Initially, the groom, laughing, expressed discomfort due to the presence of many guests but later complied after receiving encouragement from the attendees.

However, the bride’s response was far from joyful on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. She sat emotionless on the bed, her face expressionless and her eyes vacant, appearing disinterested in the proceedings, reported Sanook.

The palpable tension did not escape the photographer’s notice, yet he continued to capture all necessary images, fulfilling his professional obligations. Some of the guests openly criticised the bride’s behaviour, stating “She accepted the dowry, why is she behaving like this?”

Once the story surfaced online, netizens began to express their views in abundance. Many speculated that the bride was possibly forced into the marriage. Others predicted that the marriage might soon fall apart.

“This will end soon.”

“Can such love lead to happiness?”

“The man seems nice, perhaps the woman already has a lover.”

Despite the unpleasant atmosphere, the photographer fulfilled his duty, capturing the couple’s first moments as husband and wife. This incident, however, has stirred up a heated debate about the iimportance of consent and happiness in marriage.

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