Pregnant woman given wrong medication at hospital, experiences uncontrollable spasms

In an alarming incident, an expectant mother was administered the wrong medication during her visit to a medical facility. The 37 week pregnant woman went to the hospital for a regular blood test and was mistakenly given epileptic medication instead of sugar water. After taking the medicine, the pregnant woman experienced severe symptoms, sparking a wave of fear and concern among her and the hospital staff.

The patient recently shared a photograph of herself in the hospital, adding a text to raise awareness of this negligent act. She questioned the healthcare system and asked what preventative measures were in place to avoid such incidents from happening in the future. The hospital remains unnamed within the public post.

The expectant mother was scheduled for routine blood tests yesterday May 22, to monitor for gestational diabetes and other related complications. She was instructed to drink sugar water, but instead, the hospital staff offered her two bottles of bitter-tasting medicine. Unsure if there had been a change of medication, she consumed the two bottles before heading back to the staff to report she had finished taking them.

Upon disclosing her concerns about the medication’s taste, she was reassured that it must be sweet like sugar water. However, after investigating the bottle, the hospital staff realised it was an epileptic medicine meant to prevent seizures. The doctor asked her to wait for 10 minutes, as she began experiencing extreme dizziness and disorientation.

She struggled to sit, as the medication began impacting her adversely. Unable to speak or open her eyes, it became clear her body was experiencing the harmful effects of the wrong drug. For approximately 20 minutes, she went through a whirlwind of strong and uncontrollable symptoms, her body twitching involuntarily. Her blood pressure spiked, and her heart palpitations needed monitoring. Gasping for breath, she feared for her and her baby’s life.

In a state of panic and anxiety, the expectant mother has yet to recover from the trauma of this grave medication error. While the hospital staff has apologised for their negligence, the patient pursues the matter further to prevent such incidents from occurring again.

The post has generated numerous reactions and concerns over the healthcare system’s safety, with many calling for better quality control and stringent checks to ensure patient safety.

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