Post office denies responsibility after giving 49,800 gold to thief

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A Thai woman demanded a post office in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok to take responsibility for the loss of her gold bars worth 49,800 baht after they were handed over to a thief.

The 30 year old woman, Rattanakorn Songserm, visited Bang Bua Thong Police Station on November 8 to follow up on the development of the investigation into her lost gold. Worried that she would not be able to get it back, Rattanakorn told her story to Channel 3 to put pressure on the police and post office officials.

Rattanakorn explained that she ordered two bars weighing about 3.8 grammes each from an online shop. The shop sent her gold via a post office delivery service in the central province of Suphan Buri to the Bang Bua Thong Post Office near her home in Nonthaburi province, near Bangkok.

According to Rattanakorn, the parcel arrived at the Bang Bua Thong Post Office at 11.30am on October 17 but she was not available to pick it up. She later visited the post office on October 19 and discovered that her parcel was given to her sister, Nut.

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Rattanakorn said she did not have a sister at all, she only has male siblings. Furthermore, she never asked anyone to pick up the parcel for her as well. She was curious about why a staff member would hand over a parcel to a woman without requiring any documentation to verify her claim as a sister.

Rattanakorn revealed that post office staff shifted the blame and responsibility to the gold shop. She consulted the gold shop about the matter. The shop insisted that the shop had already done its best to offer the parcel’s safety to the client by sending the gold with delivery insurance. The shop believed that it was the post office’s mistake.

Rattanakorn added that she agreed with the gold shop because it was trustworthy. She had ordered gold from the shop many times before and had never had any problems. She demanded that the post office and relevant departments take responsibility for her loss.

The Superintendent of the Bang Bua Thong Police Station, Pruet Chamrunsart, ensured that the officers were now working on the case. Investigating officers are reviewing the security cameras at the post office and outside to identify the identity of the thief.

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