Postman faces 200,000 baht baht bill for lost parcel

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In the Nang Rong district of Buriram province, a postal worker has reported the disappearance of a valuable parcel worth over 200,000 baht (about US$5,800). Seeking fairness and assistance, the postman is uncertain about the fate of the package. The customer who lodged the complaint is demanding compensation for the lost merchandise.

Uthai, the postman, admits he signed for the parcel without checking whether it was complete before delivering it. The 30 year old postie is uncertain about when the parcel disappeared and has requested assistance from his supervisor in investigating the case. However, at the time, his device for recording parcel data malfunctioned due to sweat dripping onto the screen, causing the package to be marked as received without actually having been delivered, Sanook reported.

The postman mentioned that the incident occurred on April 1, while he was out making his usual rounds in the Nang Rong municipality area. When he arrived at the customer’s residence, he realized the package was missing. He then checked the post office once more but couldn’t find the lost parcel, so he reported the loss to the customer.

Phongphasit, the 28 year old customer, stated that he had sent someone else to collect the parcels from the post office, accidentally grabbing the parcel for delivery. The missing parcel contained items he had purchased for resale, valued at 228,000 baht.

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He reported the legitimate loss to the police and demanded compensation from the postman who signed for the parcel. Phongphasit confirmed that he only asked for 200,000 baht in compensation, less than the actual purchase price.

The lost parcel contained various valuable Buddhist amulets and artefacts that were meant for sale. If Uthai does not pay the settled compensation amount, the case may proceed according to the legal process.

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