Four arrested for possession of 140,000 amphetamine pills in northern Thailand

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A drug bust operation in Phon Thong, Roi Et, led by Police Lieutenant General Sarayut Sa-nguanphokai, the Commander-in-Chief, resulted in the arrest of four suspects on November 8. The suspects, 34 year old Suthat (surname withheld), 55 year old Thanattha, 46 year old Wisava, and 41 year old Prapanich, were apprehended with over 140,000 amphetamine pills.

The operation was the result of a comprehensive surveillance effort by Roi Et drug police officers. The officers had been tracking a sedan travelling across Roi Et and neighbouring provinces, suspected of being involved in drug trafficking activities. The vehicle was eventually intercepted, and upon inspection, the police discovered a substantial quantity of illegal substances hidden inside.

Following the seizure, the four occupants of the sedan reportedly admitted their involvement in the drug trade. They were then brought to various locations where they had allegedly discarded more illicit substances. The police recovered over 18,000 additional units during this secondary operation, reported Pattaya News.

After the arrest, the four individuals were taken into custody by the Phon Thong police officers. They will face legal proceedings for their alleged involvement in drug smuggling, while the police have pledged to continue their investigations. The aim is to identify and apprehend any other individuals potentially involved in these serious offences, said Pol. Lt. Gen. Sarayut.

“We will not rest until we bring all those involved to justice.

“The fight against drug trafficking is a priority for the police force, and we will use all resources at our disposal to disrupt and dismantle these networks.”

In related news, local law enforcement apprehended a single suspect, seizing a staggering 36,000 pills of methamphetamine, colloquially known as Yaba.

The main protagonist in this unexpected drama was Chanaphon Bamrungwong, also known as Suea, a 36 year old resident of Moo 7, Ratsada. Phuket’s Provincial Police reported his arrest yesterday evening, after intercepting him on Soi Patchanee, in Moo 3, Ratsada. Read more about this story HERE.

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