PM Srettha plans to transform Lamphun into a museum hub

Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

To revitalise Thailand’s tourism sector, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin is championing the transformation of Lamphun into a City of Museums and accelerating efforts to secure UNESCO World Heritage status for Nan.

During a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, PM Srettha highlighted these ambitious proposals following his recent visits to several provinces. He was particularly impressed by the innovative vision of Lamphun’s younger residents, who aspire to turn their northern provincial capital into a museum metropolis.

“Lamphun’s potential as a cultural hub is immense. We should definitely consider this visionary idea.”

In a coordinated effort to boost tourism across the kingdom, the 62 year old PM has tasked the Tourism and Sports Ministry, the Culture Ministry, and other relevant agencies with developing comprehensive plans to promote both well-known and lesser-known destinations.

A significant directive from the prime minister includes the establishment of a standard key performance indicator (KPI) target for public-sector tourism officials in 55 provinces. The Tourism and Sports Ministry has been given a two-week deadline to present these standards to the Cabinet.

Furthermore, the Thai PM instructed various agencies to expedite the process of listing Nan as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Historically linked to Luang Prabang in Laos, which already enjoys UNESCO status, Nan’s recognition would enhance cultural tourism and historical connections in the region.

“Developing stronger tourism ties between Nan and Luang Prabang, including improving transport and airport facilities in Nan, is crucial.”

These initiatives are integral to the government’s Five Countries, One Destination policy, aiming to create a unified tourism circuit across Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia, reported Bangkok Post.

“The prime minister is confident about Thailand’s rich cultural potential. The country boasts numerous art and cultural attractions, from traditional Thai fabrics to cuisine. The government is fully committed to highlighting and promoting the unique identities of each province.”

In related news, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is hosting the Ignite Tourism Thailand: TAT Skill Factory workshop.

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