Online cough syrup seller arrested, admits to using profits for family

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Police conducted an operation today to track down and arrest two young individuals for selling illegal cough syrup and e-cigarettes through Facebook, with one suspect admitting to using the money to support his family.

Law enforcement officials from the Khon Kaen Provincial Police, along with administrative officers led a raid on a house in Mueang District, Khon Kaen Province. This house was identified as the base for a Facebook page advertising illegal products.

Upon arrival, the officers encountered a resident, Mintra, who revealed she had been working with the homeowner, 21 year old Phuttiphong in the illegal online sales. The officers devised a plan for Mintra to call Phuttiphong back to the house. When he returned on his motorcycle, police apprehended him and proceeded to search for evidence.

The search yielded 18 bottles of cough syrup, 26 bottles of allergin syrup, and 15 sets of e-cigarettes, all stored in cardboard boxes. The officers took Phuttiphong and Mintra to Tha Phra Police Station for further questioning.

During the interrogation, Phuttiphong confessed that all the seized items had been ordered from a seller through the Line application. The seller shipped the products via postal service, to which Phuttiphong posted them for sale on his personal Facebook page for 80 and 90 baht each.

Phuttiphong explained that the money used to purchase the products for resale came from his savings, which included funds from selling his motorcycle and a gold necklace. The income generated from selling the e-cigarettes and cough syrup was used to cover family expenses.

Police have formally charged Phuttiphong with selling modern drugs without a license, as per Section 12 of the Drug Act, and for impersonating a professional pharmacist, as outlined in Section 28 of the Pharmacy Profession Act.

Additional charges include concealing and selling untaxed goods. Both Phuttiphong and Mintra are now in custody, awaiting further legal proceedings at Tha Phra Police Station, reported KhaoSod.

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