Scammers target Thai parents with fake police calls about children

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Scammers have adopted a new tactic, targeting parents by claiming their young children are involved in criminal activities. A mother of a four year old girl was shocked to receive a call from a woman claiming to be a police officer, stating that her daughter was implicated in a money laundering case.

The mother, Thanita Tharee, received a mysterious call at noon today, June 26. Despite using an application that usually identifies scam numbers, this particular call was not flagged. Answering the call, Thanita was alarmed to hear a woman introduce herself as an officer from the Phetchabun Provincial Police Station. The caller then requested to speak with Thanita’s four year old daughter, claiming the child had an outstanding legal case.

Upon hearing this, Thanita was taken aback and questioned the caller, emphasising that her daughter was only four years old. The caller briefly paused before abruptly ending the call. This incident left Thanita deeply concerned about the increasing proximity of scammers to their targets, especially when they possess specific personal information.

Reflecting on how the scammers could have obtained her daughter’s details, Thanita recalled that the only time she had provided such information was for a life insurance policy arranged by her daughter’s school. The insurance was set up in May last year, raising suspicions that the scammers might have accessed data from the insurance company involved.

Thanita’s concerns were further validated when she remembered a similar incident that happened to a friend two months prior. Her friend’s child, who is the same age as Thanita’s daughter, also received a scam call after their school arranged for accident insurance. Although Thanita does not blame the school directly, she emphasises the need for increased vigilance in protecting personal information.

She expressed her fears about the widespread trading of personal data, urging parents to be extra cautious. Thanita advises parents to monitor their children’s phone usage closely and to avoid answering calls from unfamiliar numbers to ensure their safety. She stressed the importance of staying alert and mindful of the sophisticated techniques employed by scammers, reported KhaoSod.

“We must keep our wits about us as scammers are becoming more cunning every day.”

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