NACC to establish 5 panels looking into pricey lamp controversy

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The saga of the pricey lamps continues with the news that Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission is establishing 5 panels to investigate the matter in Samut Prakan.

The NACC Deputy Secretary-General Niwatchai Kasemmongko realized the TAO’s budgetary spending for the fiscal years 2013 and 2014, then 2018-2021 for the lamp posts fell out of the scope of the Interior Ministry’s regulations concerning the budgeting for local administrations.

Further, it has been revealed through the NACC that the obtainment of the lamps “favoured” some companies over others. Also, (and as previously mentioned by the Thaiger) the lamps are of substandard quality.

Niwatchai says the 5 panels will focus on the Racha Thewa TAO’s spending per fiscal year. Niwatchai continued on to say that the activities of over 20 individuals/entities, such as former governors of Samut Prakan/ex-mayors of the Racha Thewa TAO will be scrutinised.

TAO chairman, Songchai Nokkhamin, previously defended the lamps as a “tourist attraction

The 5 panels must complete their investigation within 180 days. There was no mention if the lamps in Songkhla are also being investigated by the NACC.

Previously, Thailand’s PM, Prayut Prayut Chan-o-cha, had ordered an investigation into controversial lamps (some of which light up empty fields). Prior to that, it was announced that the lamp project was still underway in Samut Prakan despite the controversy surrounding the expensive lamps as the country struggles to provide enough beds for people infected with Covid-19.


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