Myanmar woman gives birth in hotel lobby, traffic police assist safe delivery

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A pregnant Myanmar woman safely gave birth in a hotel lobby with assistance from the Thai traffic police force known as Traffic Police Royal Initiative Project. This marks the 257th emergency childbirth event aided by the police force.

On 26 May, Pol. Lt. Gen. Nithithorn Chinthakanon, Commander of the Traffic Police Division, shared that the incident happened yesterday at a hotel on Ramkhamhaeng Soi 50, Bangkok. Officer Jakraphumi Samianchai of the traffic police was informed about a woman giving birth in the hotel lobby, prompting him to request support from the Traffic Police Royal Initiative Project.

Upon receiving the report, police officers quickly reached the scene and found the Myanmar woman who had already given birth to a baby girl. The officers assisted the mother and child, providing immediate medical care.

Traffic Police Division’s head said…

“In a swift response, traffic police officers and volunteers helped the child by using a rubber tube to suction fluids from her mouth and nose, preventing choking,” “The baby was cleaned and wrapped in fresh blankets for warmth, while the mother was kept in a safe condition waiting for the arrival of the doctors.”

The medical team arrived and safely cut the umbilical cord, after which the KTraffic Police Royal Initiative Project police officers facilitated the transport of the mother and child to Sirindhorn Hospital.

This latest case brings the total to 257 emergency childbirth events where the Traffic Police Royal Initiative Project has provided life-saving assistance. The incidents include helping mothers give birth in vehicles and homes, emergency first aid, and facilitating organ transportation.

Lieutenant General Nithithorn added that for the past 30 years, the traffic police force has provided urgent assistance to the public, with services such as emergency car repairs.

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