Ex-convict strikes again: Thief steals over 100,000 baht from 27 mobile top-up kiosks

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In a spree of audacious thefts, an ex-convict, released from prison a mere six months ago, targeted and plundered over 100,000 baht from 27 mobile top-up kiosks in Chaiyaphum province, located in the northeastern part of Thailand.

The crime wave came to light when the owner of a local grocery store filed a complaint with Mueng Chaiyaphum Police Station on May 5. After reviewing security camera footage, it became evident that a cunning thief had looted the money from the owner’s kiosk, effortlessly gaining access using a skeleton key.

As the investigation unfolded, numerous other victims stepped forward, reporting similar incidents where the thief had stolen money from their top-up kiosks. Shockingly, 27 kiosks fell victim to the thief, resulting in a collective loss surpassing 100,000 baht. Even the presence of security cameras did not deter the brazen criminal.

Thanks to the invaluable CCTV footage, diligent officers managed to identify the perpetrator as 31 year old Thanayut Plusong. In a successful operation, he was apprehended this morning and swiftly brought in to reenact the crimes.

During interrogation, Thanayut confessed to his misdeeds, admitting that he had acquired the knowledge of using skeleton keys from fellow inmates while serving time in prison. After his release six months ago, he struggled to secure employment, forcing him to put his illicit knowledge into action. He claimed that his desperate actions were driven by the need to support his wife and child.

Although Thanayut maintained that he had only managed to acquire 30,000 baht from his robberies, the police remained sceptical. Revealing a shocking revelation, officers disclosed that a staggering 36 kiosks had been tampered with within a single week in the province, with the thief succeeding in 27 instances. Each kiosk contained approximately 3,000 to 5,000 baht, bringing the estimated total obtained by Thanayut to over 100,000 baht.

This incident mirrors a similar robbery that occurred in the Isaan province of Khon Kaen back in March. Surveillance footage captured a thief pilfering money from coin-operated washing machines and a mobile top-up kiosk located outside a local grocery store. However, there have been no recent updates regarding the arrest of the suspected perpetrator.

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