Thai government warns of heavy rain, flash floods and landslides during 27-30 May

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Thai citizens have been warned to brace for heavy rainfall, flash floods, and forest runoffs from May 27-30 as an impact of several weather phenomena. The Meteorological Department issued a severe weather warning, covering all regions of the country, and advised people to stay informed about updates.

Anucha Burapachaisri, the Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs, acting as the spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, stated that the Meteorological Department had issued a warning forecasting heavy to very heavy rain over Thailand, and strong winds in the Andaman Sea from May 27-30. He urged people to be cautious of the potential hazards brought on by such heavy rainfall and accumulated rain.

According to Anucha, the Meteorological Department has announced that during May 27-30, the prevailing southwest monsoon is increasing in intensity over Thailand. It will be accompanied by a low-pressure cell in Vietnam that will move through Thailand and down into the Gulf of Martaban and Myanmar.

This combination will lead to an increase in rainfall and strong winds, as well as heavy to very heavy rainfall in some areas, including lower northern regions, northeastern regions, central regions including Bangkok and its vicinity, eastern regions, and southern regions. People in these areas should be wary of the dangers associated with heavy to very heavy rain and the accumulation of rain, including sudden floods and forest runoffs, particularly in areas near steep slopes, waterways, and low-lying areas.

For the Andaman Sea, violent winds will cause waves to reach 2-3 metres high in areas without thunderstorms, and over 3 metres high in areas with thunderstorms, while the waves in the Gulf of Thailand will be 1-2 metres high and over 2 metres high in areas with thunderstorms. Boat operators in these areas should navigate with caution and avoid areas with thunderstorms. Small boats in the Andaman Sea region should refrain from leaving the shore from May 27-30.

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