Mother Pao’s minty-fresh generosity: Herbal toothpaste mogul gives back to seniors

Photo: Sanook.

A well-known businesswoman, widely recognized as Mother Pao and serving as the chairperson of a prominent herbal toothpaste company, generously shared her wealth among the community’s elderly.

In remembrance of her birthplace, Nakhon Ratchasima province, and coinciding with the annual end of Buddhist Lent, Sunantha Leelertphan, donated to the elderly in the Bua Yai district and neighbouring areas every year.

The 78 year old’s benevolent act aims to alleviate financial burdens for senior citizens, providing them with extra cash for minor expenses and lessening their family’s financial strain.

Mother Pao designated her donations to about 6,000 seniors aged 60 years and above. Each individual received 300 baht, totalling 1.8 million baht. In addition to the cash, recipients were also treated with packed meals, drinking water, and free herbal toothpaste products from her company.

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Traffic police from the Bua Yai Police Station and the Bua Yai Rescue Unit were present to ensure a smooth and safe distribution process.

One of the grateful recipients, a resident of the Old Market in the Bua Yai district, expressed his appreciation and admiration for Mother Pao’s kindness. He praised her compassion and generosity towards the less fortunate and revealed that it was his third year receiving the donation.

He plans to save the money for emergencies. Her annual tradition of giving is indeed a testament to her desire to create merit on her birthday and lend a helping hand to the elderly community reported Sanook.

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