Star-seeking serenity: Beloved actor Long Na Boonrit’s spiritual sojourn

Photo: KhaoSod.

Beloved actor Long Na Boonrit attended a spiritual ceremony to seek blessings and good fortune at the Ruesi Naen Ashram, That Buddhakun Temple today. The temple is located in Pho Taeng, Bang Sai district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province.

A steady stream of believers flocked to the temple to pay their respects to various spiritual figures, hoping to attract luck and prosperity according to their beliefs. The figures included Thao Wessuwan, a 16 metre tall statue with nine faces, the world’s largest statue of Grandfather Rasiphrommes, Kumarnthong Jao Sue Heng, Jao Mae Takian, and Phra Pikanet.

In addition to seeking blessings, some devotees brought pumpkins to offer to Grandfather Rasiphrommes and red water for Kumarnthong Jao Sue Heng. After their wishes were fulfilled, many participated in the Offering Rice ceremony and took part in the ritual washing of Long Na Boonrit’s golden face.

The public showed particular interest in the Boonchuay Hall, located in front of Grandfather Rasiphrommes, given the imminent lottery draw. They observed and took photos of the red candle drops in the holy water basin, which grouped to form the numbers 31 and 4 8 9 5. The numbers seen varied from different angles and were used to try their luck, reported KhaoSod.

Long Na Boonrit, a famous villainous actor from Ayutthaya, joined the ceremony to seek good fortune. He mentioned that he had attended the ceremony and drawn symbols on his hand for good luck once before, and his fans had good fortune afterwards.

This was his fifth visit to the temple, but he had only met the monk, Ruesi Naen Ashram, three times. Each time he visited, something good happened.

“Two days after my first visit, I had good luck.”

A significant number of individuals were seen visiting the revered Arsom Ruesi Thep site in Ayutthaya province, Thailand. These visitors paid their respects to the sacred Ruesi statue, hoping to receive good luck and blessings. Read more HERE.

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