Thai mother’s selfless act donates son’s heart, rekindling a stranger’s heartbeat

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The Thai Red Cross Society today disclosed the touching story of a mother who donated the heart of her son on a life support machine to save another’s life. Despite facing criticism from people who couldn’t understand her decision, the mother hit back saying it was the right thing to do to save the life of another.

Sopha Noyjinda’s son, Adisorn Sangsi, was involved in a tragic accident that turned the family’s life upside down. The accident left Adisorn on a life-support machine. Sopha said…

“People were questioning how I could let him go as he was still breathing, but I knew his life was only due to the machines. If we unplugged him, he wouldn’t survive.”

Returning from work one day, Sopha received the news from Adisorn’s friend about the accident. Rushing to the site, Sopha found her son lying motionless, with no major visible injuries. A decision had to be made to undergo surgery, leaving a distraught Sopha bewildered at the proposition. The doctors gently hinted at the possibility of organ donation, but a hopeful Sopha clung to the idea that her son was still breathing, dismissing the suggestion immediately, reported KhaoSod.

Within days, however, Adisorn’s condition worsened. His swelled body hardened – a cruel contrast to the warmth Sopha had held onto just the day before. Informed that his organs were failing, but still in a transplantable condition, Sopha thought back to a video she had watched only a few weeks prior, of a heart being transported for transplant. Sobbing at the magnanimity of the act, the mother wondered if this was fate guiding her towards a decision.

Praising the effort of the hospital, Sopha said…

“They provided the best care possible. If he did recover, I would have my son back, but if he didn’t, I’d think of it as him doing good for another person who will receive his organ.”

Finally, she made her decision, hoping that her anguishing loss would bring about someone else’s joy.

The story of Sopha’s heart-wrenching decision has been met with widespread admiration on social media, with many lauding her for the courage to give such a grand donation, likening it to parting a piece of her heart with her son.

Like Sopha’s son, many organ donors have the power to give the gift of life even after their demise. For those keen to follow in Sopha’s footsteps, registering as an organ and eye donor can be done through the Thai Red Cross Society’s websites.

Sophapa has shown how grief can be transformed into an act of love and compassion, proving that while her son may no longer be present, his legacy lives on in the lives he helped save.

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