Man found dead in Khon Kaen, police chase killer

Police are urgently pursuing a suspect in the brutal slaying of a 41 year old man, who was found with his throat slit while returning to his shack in the middle of a field. The murder incident occurred today, April 12, when police from the Ubonrat Police Station in Khon Kaen Province were dispatched to investigate the crime scene in search of clues that might lead them to the perpetrator.

The victim, identified as Thaweesak, was discovered deceased on a public road in Ban Khok Sung Public Road, Village No. 2, Khok Sung Subdistrict, Ubonrat District, Khon Kaen Province.

The case unfolded in the late hours of April 10, when authorities were notified of a man found dead, dressed in a yellow t-shirt and black pants, lying face down in a pool of blood next to a black Honda Wave motorcycle with no license plate attached.

A preliminary examination revealed several wounds on the body and left arm. Investigators are now on the hunt for the killer who slashed the throat of Thaweesak, a man known for his habitual drinking, found mysteriously dead beside his motorcycle.

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Further investigation led to the realisation that the deceased was 41 years old, Thaweesak. Witnesses who discovered the body reported riding past and seeing Thaweesak lying face down with a pool of blood around him and his motorcycle by the roadside.

Initially thinking it was an accident, they approached only to find a gory wound on his neck and promptly contacted emergency services at 1669.

55 years old, the assistant village chief of Khok Sung recounted that Thaweesak was unemployed and regularly drank and socialized with friends. Described as an ordinary person not involved with drugs, Suthat expressed sorrow over the tragedy that befell a member of the community.

The responsibility to track down the assailant rests with the police, and it remains uncertain whether the suspect is a local or from another village. reported Khaosod.

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