• Phuket News

    Blood rush: Urgent appeal for Type O donors in Phuket

    An acute shortage of Type O blood has triggered an urgent appeal from the Vachira Phuket Hospital’s Blood Bank in Phuket Town. The announcement, marked “Most Urgent,” was made late yesterday, stating that supplies of this common blood type have run completely dry. This call for donations came today, February 2, at 10.46am, signifying the dire need for blood donors,…

  • World News

    Jehovah’s witness sues hospital over unwanted blood transfusion

    A 53 year old Ecuadorian woman living in Spain, a Jehovah’s Witness, sued a hospital after she underwent surgery and was given a blood transfusion without her consent. Rosa Edelmira Pindo Mulla filled out three forms before the surgery in 2018, expressing her religious objection to any blood transfusion, even if her life was at stake. During the operation, however, doctors…

  • Phuket News

    Phuket Blood Bank and Thai Red Cross launch donation drive for rare blood type

    The Phuket Regional Blood Bank (Phuket RBC) in partnership with the local chapter of the Thai Red Cross and 20 local businesses, have initiated a campaign in September to restock their depleting blood reserves. This campaign invites the local populace to provide their valuable donations at any of the 20 mobile blood donation stations scattered across Phuket, commencing from 2pm…