Snakebite showdown: Man bites back, snake slithers silent

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A man bitten by a snake retaliated by biting the snake three times, resulting in the snake’s death and the man’s survival. This incident reflects a local belief that such an action can neutralise the venom.

Santosh Lohar, a railway project worker, was asleep in his work camp when he was bitten by a snake. Instead of panicking, the 35 year old, driven by anger, grabbed the snake and bit it back three times, ultimately killing the snake. Santosh explained that in his village, it is believed that biting a snake back twice can counteract the venom.

Railway officials rushed Santosh to a nearby hospital for treatment. As news of this unusual event spread, people gathered at the hospital to meet Santosh and hear his story. Many villagers speculated that the snake might have been non-venomous, suggesting that otherwise, Santosh’s life would have been in grave danger.

“In my village, people believe that if you are bitten by a snake, you must bite it back twice to neutralise the venom.”

The treating physician confirmed that Santosh is recovering and out of danger. The doctor did not comment on the effectiveness of the biting-back method but ensured that Santosh received proper medical care.

This incident has sparked curiosity and debate among the locals, with some supporting the traditional belief and others questioning its validity. The story has also drawn attention to the diverse and sometimes unconventional methods communities use to deal with snake bites.

Santosh’s quick thinking and the subsequent medical intervention have ensured his survival, but the incident has left many pondering the effectiveness of such traditional practices.

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