Major e-cigarette gang leader captured by Thai police in 100 million baht operation

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The Thai police captured a major e-cigarette gang leader known as Tee Leng, who was selling illegal e-cigarettes and vape juice to smaller traders. The operation had an impressive turnover of 100 million baht.

As a result of the arrest, the police seized over 70,000 e-cigarette-related items, valued at more than 10 million baht. The arrest took place today, following an investigation triggered by a Facebook page selling these illegal items.

The operation was led by Police Lieutenant General Wittaya Sriprasertphap, the commander of the Royal Thai Police, Police Lieutenant Colonel Kraiwit Saentaweesuk, the commander of the 1st Division of the Royal Thai Police, and Police Major General Wisarut Baangnamkem, the superintendent of the 1st Division of the Royal Thai Police.

The trail led them to Tee Leng, otherwise known as 32 year old Jenkit, who was the head of the operation. After surveillance and covert tracking, they were able to trace the distribution path of the illegal e-cigarettes and vape juice from the Facebook page, reported KhaoSod.

The police then conducted a sting operation by posing as buyers and tracked the financial transactions. They discovered that the operation had a revolving fund of more than 100 million baht, primarily selling to a large number of smaller traders. This led them to the storage and packing locations of the illegal e-cigarettes, resulting in the seizure of 70,000 items worth more than 10 million baht.

Jenkit was charged with selling products prohibited by the Consumer Protection Board, namely e-cigarettes and vape juice (Order No. 9/2558), prohibiting the sale or provision of goods and e-cigarettes or vape juice.

In addition, he was charged with violating the Ministry of Commerce’s announcement designating e-cigarettes and vape juice as goods prohibited from being imported into the Kingdom of Thailand, in 2014. The seized items were handed over to the investigation officer of the 1st Division of the Royal Thai Police for further legal proceedings.

The large-scale operation and subsequent arrest highlight the ongoing issue of illegal e-cigarette trade in Thailand, with online platforms serving as a key avenue for these transactions. The Thai authorities remain vigilant, cracking down on such activities to protect consumer interests and uphold the law.

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