Predicted winning numbers for the upcoming Thai government lottery draw

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A significant draw for the government lottery is set for Saturday, December 16, with a wide range of interesting numbers to consider. The Mae Jam Nian Lottery, a prominent lottery ticket outlet, revealed its top-selling numbers and highlighted numbers on its Facebook page.

The favoured numbers for the December 16 draw include 71, 72, 45, 67, 79, 95, 07, 57, 77, and 24. There are also strong contenders from various sources, such as Luang Por Ruay Pasathiko’s birthdate (December 9, 96 years old, 75 vassa), the Queen’s sailboat racing number (THA72), the auspicious number of Princess Bajrakitiyabha (born on December 7, 1978, 45 years old), the code of the princess (908), and the mysterious number associated with Than On lottery purchase (847, 77, 84), reported Sanook.

Additionally, the notable numbers provided by Notte are 7, 71,76,79,796,791 and his unique code number is 195. The significant numbers to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024 are also mentioned. The divine numbers include 9, 09,29,59,89,99, the Chinese calendar numbers are 459,59,45, and the incense stick sequential number is 324 (6 reversed).

Other important numbers are 08, 23, 27, and 89 while the double numbers to watch out for are 22 to 66.

In related news, as the December lottery draw approaches, keen-eyed Thai punters are turning to various sources for lucky numbers. Notable figures, personalised car number plates, and even ancient termites are all being scrutinised for potential winning digits.

The first unusual source of lottery luck comes from a local shrine dedicated to two elderly women, where villagers have written numbers 70, 558, 625, and 97 on red cloth. A palpable sense of excitement fills the air as hopefuls snap pictures of these numbers, hoping to strike it rich.

The next source is a black Volkswagen van with the number plate NOK 9999, used by a wealthy businessman in Chiang Mai. Similarly, a centuries-old termite mound has provided the three digits 602, which residents are eagerly noting down for the upcoming draw.

A mysterious figure known only as The Egg has also provided punters with a series of numbers. Although the numbers were unclear, different people saw the digits 950,056, 16, and 19. To read more click HERE

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