Lottery winner’s monumental celebration after 80 million baht win

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A significant celebration took place at Wat Nong Kaew in Prachinburi as locals rejoiced after a resident won the lottery and successfully sold land, amassing a total of 80 million baht. The event featured an all-night traditional Thai theatrical dance performance by the famous group, attracting thousands of attendees.

The festivities were in full swing yesterday evening at Wat Nong Kaew in Prachantakham district. The event was organised by Pa Nueng, a local who, despite working as a cook at a renowned temple in Bangkok, chose to remain anonymous.

Pa Nueng had previously made vows to revered figures, Luang Pu Yai and Tao Wetsuwan, promising to hold a grand celebration if her fortunes changed.

The President of the Subdistrict Administrative Organisation of Nong Kaew, Pavena Tesayukolthon represented Pa Nueng and officially welcomed the crowd of over 10,000 people who had gathered from various regions. The attendees were treated to a free performance from dusk til dawn, creating a lively and joyous atmosphere.

Prior to the performance, the organisers performed a ritual in front of Tao Wetsuwan, lighting incense to announce the event. The performers then took the stage, performing traditional dances that delighted fans and intrigued lottery enthusiasts, who also came to seek blessings and lucky numbers from Tao Wetsuwan. Several lottery vendors were present, offering their services to the eager crowd.

Pa Nueng’s journey to this lottery-winning celebration began earlier this year in January when she won the first prize in the national lottery. Moreover, she sought blessings from the abbot of Wat Nong Kaew, Phra Ajarn Teng to consecrate her land deed for sale.

Her prayers were answered when she successfully sold the land at a high price, in addition to winning the lottery, bringing her total earnings to over 80 million baht.

Despite the late hour, the lottery celebration raged on as people arrived to witness the performance and seek fortune from Tao Wetsuwan. Many participants focused on the incense used in the ritual, noting the number 328 for the upcoming lottery draw on July 1, reported KhaoSod.

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