Thai teacher’s social media post divides opinion: Humour or grossly inappropriate?

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

The social media community is reeling following the discovery of a Thai schoolteacher who posted a photo of a kindergarten student with a teasing caption stating…

“Why was my soulmate born so late?”

After the post was shared yesterday, the incident sparked a significant online response and raised eyebrows about the type of people allowed to teach.

The now-viral photo shows a young boy, presumed to be a kindergarten student, having his meal in the school canteen surrounded by his classmates. The social uproar primarily focuses on the attached caption.

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The post garnered heavy criticism overnight, dividing netizens into two groups. One faction believes the teacher’s act could be out of endearing affection towards the child, expressed through light-hearted humour. However, others view these actions as highly inappropriate, from both the act of posting a student’s photo on social media and the suggestive wording used, reported KhaoSod.

These critics have questioned if such behaviour hints at paedophilia, a mental disorder indicated by an abnormal interest or attraction towards children, often crossing boundaries into excessive, obsessive love. They have also questioned whether such actions constitute a breach of professional teaching ethics. Amidst all the public criticism, the teacher in question is under intensified scrutiny.

The school clarified its stance on this incident, stating it does not condone the posting of students’ photos on any social platform by its faculty. They have pledged to address the matter with the teacher in question, ensuring such actions do not reoccur and do not affect the student body.

Meanwhile, the Twitter user who originally highlighted the issue retorted to the school’s email, emphasising that this isn’t the first instance of indiscretion from this teacher. They questioned the measures in place to ensure the safety of the students. However, the resolution of this situation still remains to be seen as further developments unfold.

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