Human remains found near Udon Ratthaya Expressway

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A chilling discovery has been made along the Udon Ratthaya Expressway, where additional human remains were found not far from where a skull was previously located.

A Laotian woman came forward with critical information regarding her husband, missing for two months, identifying the skull through its distinct dental work. Late last night, police were alerted to the presence of human remains in a grassy area adjacent to the expressway in Bang Sai, Ayutthaya province.

Police, forensic experts, and local volunteers converged on the scene, where they discovered human remains, including parts of a pelvis, bearing signs of burning and sharp force trauma. The exact cause of these injuries remains undetermined, as does the identity of the deceased. The proximity of the newly found remains to the previously discovered skull, a mere 50 metres away, suggests a possible connection.

Investigators have been working tirelessly, ploughing through evidence and gathering information. Just two days ago, a human skull was found amidst the charred remains of a grass fire on the same expressway. Rescue worker Sahaphap Unsuangnern recounted the eerie experience of collecting the skull and the overpowering stench of decay that only he seemed to perceive.

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DNA testing

Adding to the complexity, a Laotian woman has approached Sahaphap, claiming her 29 year old husband has been missing from their home in Phai Ling, Ayutthaya province, for two months. The husband, along with a male friend also of Laotian nationality, vanished along with their motorcycle.

The woman’s description of her husband’s dental work, a distinctive false front tooth and molars, matched that of the found skull. Authorities are now cross-referencing dental records and have requested DNA testing of her seven year old son to match with the skull.

The woman shared that she had been haunted by dreams of her missing husband, where he would visit their son and then run away towards a body of water and trees, only to disappear. These visions occurred just before the human skull was located, lending a chilling premonition to the case, reported KhaoSod.

The police officer in charge, Lieutenant Sawai Srigaew, has stated that additional human parts were found and have been taken for a thorough examination, including DNA testing, to ascertain if they belong to the reported missing persons. The search for more evidence continues in earnest as the authorities intensify their efforts in the area where the remains were found.

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