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Former army captain gets death sentence over Si Sa Ket murder

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Former army captain gets death sentence over Si Sa Ket murder | The Thaiger

by Pongpat Traipipat

After nearly a year in court, the former army captain Supachai Paso has been sentenced to death over the abduction and murder of Si Sa Ket-based administration organisation official Juthaporn Oun-on.
Si Sa Ket is north east of Bangkok on the northern Cambodian border.

He was also ordered to pay 2.37 million baht in compensation, plus 7.5% annual interest until the full payment is made, to the deceased woman’s family.

The Kantharalak Provincial Court found the 30 year old Supachai guilty of criminal charges including the premeditated murder of 37 year old Juthaporn, illegal detention, destroying the body to conceal the crime, stealing Juthaporn’s car, cell phone, gold ornaments and over 10,000 baht in cash. He also took her Thai ID card, used fake documents and destroyed documents, according to the court ruling.

The former army officer was also found guilty of fraud by misrepresenting himself as another person and illegally accessing another citizen’s computer-based information.

Juthaporn disappeared in July 2017.

Police had investigated possible motives for her disappearance, including a dispute over a debt and her relationship with Supachai, who was linked to the case following the police’s discovery on August 8, 2017, of Juthaporn’s Toyota Vios. The car had been resold three times in the interim before it was discovered at an Ubon Ratchathani garage.

An inquiry into the sales and testimony that Juthaporn had told her friend she would collect a debt from an Ubon Ratchathani-based army officer on the day she disappeared led to the questioning of Supachai.

During that time, Juthaporn’s relatives, fearing for her safety, joined villagers to search for her body in the forest along the Si Sa Ket border on numerous occasions. Eventually a skull, bones and other items were found in October 2017 in the “Emerald Triangle” forest near the 2305th Paramilitary Ranger base in Ubon Ratchathani’s Nam Yeun district.

The remains and other items were later identified as belonging to Juthaporn.

The court was guarded by 100 police and army personnel on Thursday morning ahead of the court verdict. while Juthaporn’s parents Boonlert and Laem Oun-on and other relatives held a picture of their deceased daughter. Supachai, who was brought from the Kantharalak detention centre, arrived at the back of the court building and was swiftly led to the court amid tight security.

Ahead of the verdict, 63 year old father Boonlert commented that he believed justice would prevail in the case and he called for a death sentence for Supachai. The victim’s relatives said they are satisfied with the verdict and were ready to fight again if Supachai decided to appeal against his sentence.

Former army captain gets death sentence over Si Sa Ket murder | News by The Thaiger Former army captain gets death sentence over Si Sa Ket murder | News by The Thaiger

SOURCE: The Nation

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Six per cent of Thai university students have attempted suicide

The Thaiger & The Nation



Six per cent of Thai university students have attempted suicide | The Thaiger

Recent research reveals a disturbing finding that over 6 per cent of university students have attempted suicide.

The study findings have been highlighted after several students killed themselves in recent weeks.

“From research on university students’ depression during the past three to four years, it can be concluded that 6.4 per cent of students turned suicidal and tried to take their own life,” said Asst Professor Dr Piyawan Visessuvanapoom, lecturer at the Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Education.

The studies were both in Thailand and overseas, she added.

According to the research, most student suicide attempts were in dormitories or homes.

The common triggers for the actions were quarrels with someone very close, learning problems and relationship issues.

“Health problems, anxiety, stress and poor ties with parents and friends contribute to depression,” Piyawan said.

“Given that half of university students’ lives were about studies, lecturers could play a role in preventing a descent into depression.”

“Lecturers should understand that students are diverse. When a group of students cannot do something, try to understand them and see how you can help.”

Asst Professor Dr Nattasuda Taephant, who heads the Centre for Psychological Wellness, explained that everyone becomes sad from time to time.

“But if sadness is prolonged, a person may sink into depression.”

Nattasuda said academic results that were below expectations, plus money problems, soured romantic ties or friendships, or the sudden loss of something important could upset students’ lives and drive them into depression.

“The depressed tend to view the world and their situation negatively. Their past experiences affect their interpretation of what they are facing,” she said.

She said those with depression tended to keep themselves away from others, lose interest in their studies and become suicidal.

“What the depressed want most is someone who agrees to listen and think for them. Lecturers, friends and family members can improve their emotional wellbeing,” she said.

She said parents in particular should avoid any suggestion that they do not accept their children’s mistakes.

In serious cases, he recommended that the depressed seek counselling from experts.

If you or anyone you know is in emotional distress, please contact the Samaritans of Thailand 24-hour hotline: 02 713 6791 (English), 02 713 6793 (Thai) or the Thai Mental Health Hotline at 1323 (Thai).

SOURCE: The Nation

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Court to rule on Premchai poaching case today

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Court to rule on Premchai poaching case today | The Thaiger

The Thong Phaphume provincial court in Thailand’s western province of Kanchanaburi will deliver its long-awaited verdict in the illegal hunting case on the billionaire Thai construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta today.

He, and his hunting party, is charged with killing protected species.

The alleged offence took place on February 3 last year in Kanchanaburi’s Thungyai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary. They were arrested by forest rangers, led by Mr. Wichien Chinnawong, in possession of the carcasses of a panther and other animals.

The poaching arrest of the influential construction tycoon caused public uproar and fueled public awareness of Thailand’s wildlife, especially endangered species like the panther.

The prolonged trial and social status of the key suspect have fueled public skepticism about whether justice will ever be delivered or the culprits punished.

Nine charges, including illegal hunting of a protected species and illegal firearm possession, were filed against the four suspects who have all pleaded not guilty. 32 prosecution and 16 defence witnesses testified during the trial.

After the reading of the verdict the Sueb Nakhasathien foundation will hold a panel discussion on the illegal hunting case on Wednesday at the office of the Thai Journalists Association.

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Pre-Songkran inspections of public buses and their drivers

The Thaiger & The Nation



Pre-Songkran inspections of public buses and their drivers | The Thaiger

The Land Transport Department has started the inspection of drivers and mechanical condition of public transport vehicles at bus stations ahead of the Songkran holiday period next month.

The period, aka. the ‘seven days of danger’, is notorious for a marked increase in road accidents due to much higher traffic levels as Thai’s head home for celebrations.

On the first two days of inspections, March 15-16, a total of 25,636 buses, and their drivers and rest schedules, were checked, but no flaws that could affect road safety had yet been found, according to the deputy director-general Kamon Buranapong.

25,636 buses checked and not ONE mechanical defect!

Bus drivers were also given blood alcohol tests. There were no drivers over the alcohol limit.

The vehicle inspections – a Land Transport Department collaboration with the Office of Vocational Education Commission and related agencies, to be conducted at 195 transportation hubs and locations – form part of a Songkran 2019 road-safety campaign, which kicked off on March 15 with the main theme to get motorists “to drive slowly, turn on headlights and wear seat belts” and motorcyclists “to turn on headlights and wear safety helmets”, Kamon explained.

Vehicle inspection is being carried out in three phases: the preparation period from March 15-21, the pre-Songkran period from April 4-10, and the Songkran period itself from April 11-17.

Pre-Songkran inspections of public buses and their drivers | News by The Thaiger

SOURCE: The Nation

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