Fisherman finds 20kg of drugs at sea in Rayong, Thailand

A fisherman stumbled upon 20 kilogrammes of suspected drugs floating in the sea, which bore the same brand marks as a previous find. Upon discovery, he promptly reported the matter to the authorities.

The authorities in the Rayong district of Thailand today, March 19, were alerted to a potential narcotics discovery at sea by a 54 year old fisherman, Somchai, originally from Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Somchai reported that while fishing between Mun Nai and Mun Klang islands in the Gulf of Thailand, he came across a large plastic bag containing smaller black bags marked with silver and goldfish symbols, as well as Chinese characters. Fearing the contents to be illicit drugs, he took the find ashore to his residence in Ao Makham Pom.

Deputy District Officer Atthakorn Pasuk and other security officials were dispatched to Somchai’s residence to investigate the find. Upon arrival, they found that the bags indeed contained white crystalline substances resembling methamphetamine, commonly known as ice. The branding on the bags was identical to that found on drugs previously discovered at Hua Hin beach in Rayong.

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Noi Gan, Somchai’s wife, was shocked by the discovery, as it resembled the methamphetamine encountered before. The couple was aware of district announcements urging citizens to report any similar findings, which led them to contact the local authorities without delay. Officials seized a total of 20 bags, each containing approximately 1 kilogramme of the white substance. The seized items were transported to the Rayong district office for further examination.

The district officer, Kantaphon Suksong, confirmed the seizure of the suspected narcotics and noted that they appeared to be from the same batch as those found earlier. The authorities prepared to hand over the evidence to the investigative officers at Ban Kram Police Station in Rayong for verification and legal action.

Kantaphon emphasised the importance of community vigilance and the need for prompt reporting of any drug-related discoveries to aid in the fight against drug trafficking, reported KhaoSod.

This incident underscores the ongoing struggle against narcotics trafficking in Thailand’s coastal regions. Local fishermen like Somchai play a crucial role in alerting authorities to potential drug smuggling activities. The Thai government continues to combat the illegal drug trade, urging the public to stay alert and report suspicious activities to help maintain the safety and security of its citizens.

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