Father shields child from vicious dog attack caught on camera

Screenshot from a video via Sanook

A viral video on social media shows a father bravely protecting his one year old child from a vicious dog attack in a store in Zhaokua, Hunan Province, China. The incident occurred during lunchtime, and the courageous father’s quick reaction saved his child from potential harm.

The footage from a closed-circuit camera captured the events on a recent lunchtime. A black dog, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, lunged towards the sleeping toddler, baring its teeth to bite. The father immediately took action, putting himself between the dog and his infant child.

In an instant, the father grabbed the dog’s leg and pulled it away from the scene, all while shielding his young child. With his one arm visibly injured, the concerned father quickly returned to his crying son. He carefully picked up the child and rushed outside to seek help.

Despite suffering several dog bites on his hands, the heroic father managed to prevent any harm to his child. The mother later revealed that the dog had bitten her husband multiple times, causing significant blood loss. Following the incident, the father was taken to the emergency room and received vaccination shots. Due to his prompt actions, his child remained unharmed.

As for the aggressive dog, it continued running around attempting to bite passers-by. The owner of the dog has not been identified, so it remains unclear whether the dog is a stray or a pet. The animal’s erratic behaviour indicates a possibility of rabies or another illness, reports Sanook.

In other viral news, a former jockey, Thedpong from Nakhon Ratchasima province was killed by his pet Pit Bull. The Pit Bull, known as “Bobby”, attacked Thedpong’s mother, Duangsaree. The dog tried to bite the mother’s throat but Duangsaree instead gave the dog her forearm to bite. Then, Thedpong rushed over and tried to stop the dog’s attack. Unfortunately, the dog severely bit Thedpong until “his intestines split out.” For more information, click the LINK to read more.

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