Thai man sacrifices himself to save mother in savage Pit Bull attack

A former jockey from Nakhon Ratchasima province in northeast Thailand was killed by his pet Pit Bull while trying to save his mother who was attacked by the animal.

Today, a funeral was held for 47 year old Thedpong [surname reserved] at Thung Sawang Temple in Mueang district.

On Friday, Thedpong’s eight year old Pit Bull “Bobby” attacked Thedpong’s 68 year old mother Duangsaree [surname reserved].

Bobby tried to launch and bite Duangsaree’s throat, so her instinct was to give the dog her forearm to bite instead.

Then, Bobby bit her left thigh and slammed her against the fence. She suffered serious wounds and bled heavily.

Thedpong ran over and pried Bobby’s jaws off his mother, who was immediately taken to the hospital by Thedphong’s 51 year old friend Mana, who helps look after Bobby.

Then, Bobby dragged Thedpong into his cage. The dog savagely bit Thedpong until “his intestines spilt out.”

Thedphong’s girlfriend and niece ran into the cage and managed to get Thedpong out. They took Thedpong to the hospital where he died from blood loss.

Mana said that Thedpong was a big man weighing 95 kilograms but was still no match for Bobby’s strength.

The Pit Bull is now locked in the cage and the family doesn’t know what to do with him.

This was the first time in his whole life that he has ever been violent, the family added.

Mana said that Thedpong’s mother only visits once or twice a year so he possibly didn’t like a “foreign smell” in his territory.

While Duangsaree was being treated in the hospital, she learned that her son was attacked and killed.

She said that her son saved her life as without her son’s help she definitely wouldn’t have survived the attack.

Three weeks ago, four Pit Bull mixed breed dogs attacked 76 year old “Grandma Yoon” in Nakhon Phanom province leaving her seriously injured and in need of hospital treatment.

Luckily, neighbours stepped in with baseball bats and chased the dogs away before the attack turned fatal.

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