Buriram teen brutally attacked, family seeks justice

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A Buriram teen was brutally attacked by a group of teenagers, including one army conscript, during the Songkran festival on April 14. After nearly collapsing from injuries and receiving threats online, the family of the victim is seeking justice, while the case remains unresolved as of today.

The joy of Thailand’s traditional Songkran celebrations turned into a nightmare for a family in Buriram province when their 16 year old son was savagely beaten by a group of youths, leading to a public outcry for justice.

The incident, which took place in the district of Non Din Daeng, has left the family in fear, particularly as the perpetrators remain at large and have even issued brazen threats on social media.

On the day of the attack, the 16 year old, referred to as Mr A for privacy, was enjoying the water festivities when he was encircled and assaulted by five to six teenagers. Among the assailants was an army conscript stationed at a nearby camp.

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Witnesses watched in horror as Mr A was kicked and hit with bottles until he lost consciousness. The severity of the attack was such that Mr A suffered a head injury that required immediate medical attention.

The parents of the victim, aged 48 and 42 respectively, reported the incident to the local police and sought assistance from the media. They provided video evidence of the attack along with medical certification of the treatment their son underwent.

However, despite their efforts and a police report filed at Non Din Daeng Police Station, the case has seen little progress. They revisited the station on April 17 to inquire about the case but to their dismay, nearly 10 days had passed with no arrests made.

No remorse

Adding to the family’s distress, one of the attackers, the conscript, heartlessly mocked the situation online, posting comments that showed no remorse for his actions.

“When the news dies down, prepare to find your friend’s body.”

This chilling threat from the conscript has since intensified the family’s fears for their son’s safety.

The conscript’s posts not only reveal a lack of regret but also a defiance of the law.

“Better to return to the camp. See you again, youngsters. Take care of yourselves, everyone.”

The brazen nature of the threats and the lack of legal repercussions have forced the parents to take time off work to protect their son, who now remains at home, too frightened to venture outside.

Living in fear

They worry that the lack of law enforcement action might embolden the attackers to strike again.

The case echoes a broader concern about the impunity with which some individuals flout the law and the challenges faced by victims in seeking justice.

The military and police authorities have been urged to expedite the investigation and hold the perpetrators accountable to prevent any recurrence of such violence.

As the family continues to grapple with the aftermath of the attack and the lingering threats, the community is watching closely, hoping for a swift and just resolution that will allow them and their son to feel safe once again, reported Khaosod.

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