PM Srettha reveals ‘Phuket Model’ to boost tourism and safety

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Srettha Thavisin unveiled the Phuket Model which aims to revolutionise tourism management and social security in the tourist hotspot.

Addressing a gathering of consular mission heads and law enforcement officials from 12 countries, PM Srettha highlighted the urgent need to prevent Phuket from descending into a haven for safety tourism.

“Phuket was the first province I visited after taking office as prime minister. From that day until today, I think Phuket has made progress in many ways.”

However, the Bangkok-born PM stressed that more needs to be done beyond mere economic gains.

“We must not just focus on business profits. Tourism has improved the economy in the last seven months, people have more money and there is prosperity. However, this prosperity will not last without stability.”

Central to the Phuket Model is the prioritisation of safeguarding lives and property, including those of both locals and tourists. PM Srettha acknowledged the issue of law violations by foreign nationals and pledged fair governmental intervention.

Moreover, stringent measures were announced to enhance safety, including strict law enforcement, crackdowns on illegal activities, and promoting responsible tourism practices. Police General Kittirat Panpetch, Deputy Police Chief, outlined plans for a comprehensive database to monitor prohibited activities and combat foreign criminal elements.

The prime minister also addressed concerns regarding unfair market practices, advocating for thorough investigations to maintain market integrity, reported KhaoSod English.

He emphasised collaboration with immigration and tourist police to root out illegal operations while acknowledging the compliance of many law-abiding travel companies.

“In fact, there are many travel companies that abide by the law, so we do not want to cloud the overall picture.”

The Thai PM urged vigilance against lawbreakers to ensure the legality of every aspect of the tourism sector.

In related news, PM Srettha paid a visit to Phuket International Airport, spearheading a mission to revolutionise the region’s infrastructure. The Thai premier inspected the second phase of the airport’s expansion and a novel solution to traffic woes.

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