Ex-executive kicks police officer’s face during DUI arrest in Thailand

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In a highly publicised incident, an intoxicated former female executive was arrested for driving under the influence and assaulting a deputy police commander during her apprehension. This confrontation, involving high-profile individuals and captured on video, has sparked a media frenzy and intense public debate over issues of conduct and law enforcement in Thailand.

The former executive, known as Khun Meow, appeared on the popular talk show Hone Krasae, hosted by the renowned presenter, Num Kanchai. During the broadcast, which was aired yesterday, she admitted to drinking excessively but contested some of the claims about the events that transpired.

Khun Meow expressed her side of the story, sharing another angle of the video that captured the contentious moment at the checkpoint. Num Kanchai probed with pointed questions, asking if she was attempting to deflect blame from the incident where she kicked the face of the deputy police commander at a sobriety checkpoint.

The latest revelations include a video from the day of the incident, showing the moment when the police were escorting the former executive to the police station in their vehicle. The footage shows her using her foot to kick the face of the deputy commander of Traffic Police Division 5. A police officer’s voice can be heard in the background, attempting to intervene with a plea of “No, no.”

Following the kick, a heated argument ensued inside the vehicle between the former executive and the deputy commander about the standards for alcohol testing in Thailand compared to those abroad, reported KhaoSod.

In a moment of tension, the former executive said, “It’s no use talking to you, you won’t understand. You have such a limited consciousness.”

The deputy commander replied, “It’s the same for you. You are already out of your senses because you are drunk.”

She retorted, “If I were drunk, I wouldn’t have been able to kick your face like this, and I could do it again.”

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