Driver confronts taxi counterpart with arrest warrant in viral video, escorted to police station

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A long-standing feud between two taxi drivers in Samut Prakan culminated as one driver took matters into his own hands to ensure justice was served. According to a video posted online, the taxi driver waited several years to confront the other driver and had a warrant for his arrest but he evaded capture.

The incident, which occurred under a BTS Praksa station in Sukhumvit Road, Samut Prakan, involved a 38 year old man, Songchai Saetan, filming a confrontation with the other taxi driver, 47 year old Sumanat Mancharoen. In the video, Songchai is seen approaching Sumanat’s taxi, informing him of the arrest warrant, and demanding that he drives to the police station. Sumanat initially resists but eventually complies after being forced by Songchai.

The history between the two taxi drivers dates back several years, when a video emerged showing a man attempting to park his taxi at a shopping centre, only to be refused as he had not paid a fee. There was some speculation at the time that the altercation may have been related to the control of parking spaces by an illegal group, and both men ended up filing reports with the police, Sanook reported.

In the latest video, after Songchai’s intervention, Sumanat was arrested at his residence on charges of fraud, forcible detention, and physical assault. His pink taxi with licence plate number ทว 9375 Bangkok was also seized for further investigation.

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During questioning, Sumanat admitted to driving an unregistered taxi, as he had no funds to buy a new car, and said he was unaware of the arrest warrant due to a lengthy period in which he was recovering from Covid-19. He declared his intention to continue supporting his family by driving the taxi.

Songchai disclosed visiting Sumanat, who he had clashed with years ago, at the BTS Praksa station on Sukhumvit Road, to confront him about the arrest warrant. He then forced Sumanat to drive to the police station but instead ended up at a petrol station in Bang Pu, where Sumanat parked the car and fled.

Songchai called the police to seize the car and was relieved that Sumanat was finally arrested, with the hope that he would face a lengthy prison sentence. He urged fellow taxi drivers to be cautious and avoid similar situations as they could find themselves unsupported when in trouble.

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