Reckless rock-thrower arrested in Ang Thong after damaging vehicles and risking lives

Police arrested a 27 year old man in the Ang Thong province allegedly responsible for throwing rocks at three vehicles, causing damages and endangering lives. It was reported that following a cannabis-induced hallucination, the suspect become a potential threat to public safety. Upon investigation, the man was found to have a history involving drug arrests.

Today, Pol. Lt. Col. Sayachon Pohtikom, the Deputy Superintendent of Pohtong Police Station, revealed to reporters that after the incident took place, local authorities diligently investigated the case. With the help of information from tip-offs, police teams from Ang Thong province and the Pohtong station collaborated in their search for the suspect.

The investigation led officers and administrative officials to a house located in Moo 2, Kok-Phutra, Pohtong district of Ang Thong. There, they found the suspect asleep in a bedroom. Seemingly upset by the search, the accused claimed that hallucinations due to cannabis consumption prompted his actions. The search yielded a black Scoopy motorcycle, matching the one allegedly used during the incident, and clothing similar to what was seen in the footage captured by an in-car camera.

From the preliminary interrogation, the suspect admitted to experiencing cannabis-induced hallucinations. Consequently, the officers escorted the man to the station for further questioning and to initiate charges against him for attempted manslaughter and causing property damage.

Last week, former politician Chuwit Kamolvisit led a team to file a complaint after being threatened by a group of men with guns during an anti-cannabis rally in Bangkok. The 61 year old claimed that some wore logo shirts of the Thai Pride Party (Bhumjaithai Party), with live broadcast footage as evidence.

Chuwit led his team to file a complaint at Phaya Thai Police Station after being threatened by a group of men dressed in navy blue shirts during the rally near Sanam Pao. Chuwit revealed that while he was riding a motorcycle leading the procession, a group of men in navy blue shirts appeared, some of them wearing shirts with the Thai Pride Party logo. These individuals allegedly obstructed and attempted to prevent Chuwit’s vehicle from leaving the vicinity. Read more about the incident here.

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