Chinese man stabs Thai waiter for stopping sexual assault (video)

Photo via Facebook/ ไอ่อั๋น ต๊อกต๋อยแร้วงัย

A Chinese man attacked a Thai waiter with a knife at a restaurant in the eastern province of Prachin Buri on Monday, June 10, for intervening in a sexual assault on a female party entertainer.

An assistant chef at the restaurant where the incident took place shared a video of the physical altercation on Facebook yesterday, June 11, with the caption, “Looking for the Chinese man in the black shirt in this video. He attacked my friend with a knife. #PleaseHelpMeShareThis.”

The video shows two Chinese men engaged in a heated argument with restaurant staff. The individual wearing a black shirt seizes a knife and assaults the victim, who hastily flees in an attempt to save his life.

The victim, subsequently identified as Jakkrit, a waiter at the establishment, sustained a laceration to his wrist, resulting in a torn tendon.

Jakkrit’s father, 38 year old Kowit, and his girlfriend visited Kabin Buri Police Station yesterday to file a complaint against the Chinese attacker in the black shirt.

According to the victim’s father, the incident took place at about 11pm on that night. Jakkrit saw a female entertainer being sexually assaulted by the Chinese man in the black shirt in the restaurant bathroom.

The woman frantically waved her hands, signalling for assistance from other staff members. Jakkrit and another waiter promptly rushed to aid her, prompting the Chinese man to retreat to his seat. However, the altercation escalated when the man retrieved a knife from his car. He viciously attacked Jakkrit, while his companion in the white shirt also assaulted the victim physically.

In fear for his safety, Jakkrit reportedly sought refuge in a forest behind the restaurant until the two assailants departed in separate vehicles.

Kowit vowed to pursue justice for his son, who fell victim to an unprovoked attack. Despite managing to escape without retaliating, his son was relentlessly pursued by the Chinese assailants, who made attempts on his life. Jakkrit narrowly avoided a potentially fatal stabbing by fleeing the scene just in time.

Officers have not yet provided an update on the case.

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